Why Should You Choose NetSuite For Your Company?

As a small or medium-sized business owner, the first challenge you will face is how to manage your financial matters, supply chain management, human capital management with E-Commerce & retailing management if it was your business sector. With time and reliable growth in your business, initial software programs cannot help you to revise and manage your data. Oracle NetSuite will -certainly- be your smart solution. NetSuite was the program of choice for over 40,000 firms, 10 times further than another substitute with time and data capacity. Do you imagine how this can have a great impact on the functionality and performance of your workflow?

It shows widespread functionality with industry-specific support for an extensive range of industries and business sectors. It means that NetSuite works to adapt with the method your business works. Built from the ground up for the cloud. NetSuite can also decrease costs and reduce hassle for IT so you can have a budget for extra items and enjoy an easy workflow.

  1. Usually, when you start your business, you would choose initial programs like QuickBooks as a starter system. It really works for start-ups and small businesses but as your business needs change over time and growth, defects will start to show up.
  2. Time-consuming is clear for the workers to put up their data manually.
  3. Poor reporting system.
  4. The need for appropriate data management.
  5. It works only with one currency.
  6. It can only cover basic inventory management.

For inventory management, Quickbooks offers only basic inventory functionalities. For example, there is no serialized inventory tracking. Which could create actual problems in your supply chain monitoring and management? In this case, finding a more professional and customized program is a must.

How can NetSuite make a tangible difference?

Offers an Advanced Inventory Management, A comprehensive warehouse management system with a 360° view of all operations supported by NetSuite. With real-time analytics along with serialized inventory tracking and real-time reporting, NetSuite provides full visibility. NetSuite also offers a module for demand planning that enables users to predict inventory changes based on past patterns and projected revenue forecasts. NetSuite provides a robust warehouse management system with a 360° view of all activities. NetSuite offers complete visibility with real-time analytics along with serialized inventory tracking and real-time reporting. NetSuite also provides a demand planning module that allows users to predict changes in inventory based on past trends and future sales forecasts.

Extra benefits NetSuite can offer more than Quickbooks :

  1. Subscription Billing
  2. Financial Planning & Analysis
  3. Production Management
  4. Warehouse & Fulfillment
  5. Demand Planning
  6. WIP & Routing
  7. Work Orders & Assemblies
  8. Shop Floor Control & BOM Maintenance

Enjoy the ease of managing your inventory of all items you need in one application only, while in the past multiple apps were needed. Where we handled time zone differences and location matters which enables you to take the right decision for your supply chain management. The choice lies between your hands, now.

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